We offer promoters and organisers of events the opportunity to use the OSTRAVAR ARENA to hold cultural, sports, social and corporate events. The price for using the hall is contractual and mainly depends on the type of event, rental duration and services required. Thanks to long years of experience, we can offer promoters “turn-key” events, starting from small corporate seminars, press conferences and other events, to large concerts with the full capacity of the hall.

Contact details - Commercial Department, e-mail: obchod@arena-vitkovice.cz.


Contact details - Commercial Department, tel. +420 596 707 160, e-mail: ledy@arena-vitkovice.cz.


We offer the opportunity to hire skyboxes and a VIP restaurant for VIP clients, corporate meetings, and meetings with business partners during events held. The capacity of these areas is approximately 150 persons. Specific requirements are managed on an individual basis.

Contact details - Commercial Department, e-mail: obchod@arena-vitkovice.cz

There are 18 skyboxes with a capacity for 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24 persons in the OSTRAVAR ARENA. There are 249 seats in the skyboxes.
The arena also offers 2 VIP cabins, each for 6 persons, and a VIP restaurant with a capacity of 150 persons.
VIP guests enter the skyboxes and cabins from car park “F”, passing the reception desk and taking one of the lifts to the 5th floor.


We offer the promoters to hire equipment (e.g. chairs, tables, etc.), stage construction and other production arrangements, e.g. rental of crowd control barriers, including transport and installation work.

Contact details - Commercial Department, e-mail: obchod@arena-vitkovice.cz

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